Why is my web site titled “I Won't Go 55”?

If you are my age you remember Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55” and this is my take off on his song superimposed over my age.  Okay, maybe I am a little past 55.

Many years ago I made an important decision: I wasn’t going to grow old.

Therefore in order not to grow old I decided I would do what our newest and youngest generations do on a daily basis — have fun, create adventure, push myself to my outer limits, explore the world (as if I had just entered it), take the occasional nap and most importantly live each day to its fullest.

I have always had itchy feet.  I can’t stay in one place.  What I have seen or lived yesterday is history today.  I always want to see what is around the corner.  The itchy feet, not wanting to repeat my history in life, and always wanting to see around the corner is me.

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My web page is a chronicle of my living young and seeing a new world each day as a traveler.  I hope each of you make the time to see the world and enjoy my view of the world as I pass through it.

Oh yes, one final piece of information so as to better understand my writing.  I graduated from an Engineering college not an English/Liberal Arts college.  You will most likely note I sometimes over do the numbers and my grammar and spelling are not always correct!