My dream is to have been a traveler with Marco Polo. Seeing parts of the world no one of my family had ever seen much less heard of. I can spend days wandering a city or countryside watching how people live everyday life.

I remember during a job interview saying, “I can work in Tucson, or Arizona or the U.S. or anywhere else in the world and should the company ever get a project in space I want to be the first one chosen for the assignment.”

As a construction executive I never said, “no” to a move. I did Houston; Tucson; Phoenix; Concord, CA; the state of Texas; Savannah; Orlando; Charlotte; Washington DC; Denver and after retiring took a project in Trinidad on ten days notice.

My favorite line to my mother was, “I can keep a job but not a city”.

I came late to the life of wandering. First there was school and then a career. It wasn’t until I met Nancy that I discovered a career wasn’t everything but only a path to doing what you wanted. The two of us are late middle age and fast approaching being seniors – OK, we do use our age to get reduced prices on various things and carry Medicare cards.

I like the new. I like seeing the old. I find the world an endless book to be read. I want to leave this world with my walking shoes on, my daypack on my back, and my cloths bag split between dirty and clean laundry back in our room. I was born to be a wanderer.

My Lonely Planet profile: My wife and I are in our mid 60s. Our last travel was to Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar with a stop in Istanbul in the fall of 2013. In April of 2012 we traveled for 2 months in China. I drove from the U.S. to Panama between Jan. & May '11. In the Spring of '09 we did seven weeks in India plus 16 days in Bhutan. Nine years ago we did 5 months backpacking through South America. We like the outdoors: birding, animals, insects, flowers, trees, day hiking, kayaking, etc. We have traveled to Russia, New Zealand, Western Europe, and the U.S. Also enjoy art museums, ballet and modern dance, theater, and multiple types of music.