I am a traveler.  I have always enjoyed the adventure and excitement of going someplace new.  Unfortunately I also enjoyed eating on a very regular basis and a roof over my head.

I have many faults but two that have limited my travels is a strong work ethic and perfection in my work.  These two faults limit the time one allows oneself to be away from work and career.

However, since 2003 I have successfully limited my work hours to the minimum and expanded my travel hours to something more reasonable.

Travel Resume


May 2015 — Chengdu, China  I flew to Chengdu for the wedding of Fei Fei and my nephew, Timothy.  Spent four days in Chengdu, two days in   and another day in Chengdu with a going away dinner with Fei Fei and Timothy.

Feb. 2014 — Mardi Gra, New Orleans

Aug. 2013 — Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar & a 3 Day Stop in Istanbul, Turkey

Mar. 2013 — Death Valley Nat’l Park, CA  This was our first adult trip with Road Scholars.  A great group of hikers, a great place to hike, and good group leaders.  We drove from Tucson to Las Vegas on Sat. and then walked the streets and casinos that evening.  Drove to Beatty, CA just outside the Park on Sunday.  We hiked Mon. – Thur. and on Fri. morning visited Rhyolite a historical gold mining ghost town.

Nov. 2012 — Washington D.C.  This again is our annual trip to D.C. due to Nancy’s work seminar.  This year we not only had our annual dinner with Dixie and Monti but also a great lunch with the two of them.  Only bad news is no grandchildren — they are now living in AK.

May – June 2012 — China.  We landed in Hong Kong and spent five days exploring.  Next up was Beijing and mainland China.  Roughly seven weeks seeing a lot of China but missing so much.  Visited nephew Timothy in Chengdu.  Our favorite portions of the trip was the northern and north west minority/desert lands and the central minority villages and villagers.

Jan. – May 2011 — Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.  Nancy’s cousin, Scott Wood, drove with me from Eagle Pass, TX to Belize.  I continued the trip to the end of the road facing the jungle of the Darin Gap in Panama.

Nov. 2010 – Visit Washington DC/Maryland.  Visited grand-boys and their parents for a few days and then checked into a hotel in Bethesda.  Spent our yearly day re-visiting the National Art Museum and the Hirshhorn Museum.  Had a fantastic dinner at the Obelisk with our friends, Dixie and Monty.

Sept. 2010 – Visited the state of Oregon for the first time.  The purpose of the trip was to take in two plays including Hamlet at the Ashland, OR Shakespeare Festival.  We landed in Portland and spent the night.  Next morning we began a drive down the beautiful Pacific Coast line of Oregon.  On our next visit and there will be another visit we will carve out more time for the coast drive — such a great drive.  Spent three nights and two days in Ashland — what a green. clean, walkable town.  Oh yes, the plays were terrific.  Our drive back to Portland was by (the out of the way) Carter Lake — this Lake defines the color blue.  Spent two nights and a day exploring Portland’s shopping and night life.  Again, we will be back!

Nov. 2009 — Oaxaca, Mexico for Day of the Dead, great meals, more than several glasses of mescal, a visit to the Pacific coast, two days of birding, shopping, more great eating, a cooking class and did I mention the mescal.  Visit my Home page for more on Oaxaca.

Oct. 2009 — Our annual visit to Washington DC/Maryland.  The only experience I can think of the rivals Christmas morning with two young boys is Halloween with the boys.  Our trip had the added excitement of a midnight drive to the hospital — Nancy had a mild case of pneumonia.  The pneumonia eliminated our annual dinner extravaganza but we did listen to the honking of horns in Washington DC when candidate Obama became President elect Obama!

Russia: Moscow to St. Petersburg

New York City, NY

Oct. 2007 — A short two week trip to Ecuador by myself to shop for inventory for a Christmas holiday store we opened at Thanksgiving of 2007 and closed at the end of December.  Of course, I did a little birding in southern Ecuador. Visit my Home page for more on this trip.

Mar. – May 2007  India and Bhutan: Almost ten weeks on the Asian subcontinent.  One of our favorite trips even though we had to limit ourselves to two meals a day in India — the food is the best we have ever experienced but the calorie count was so high that even with all our walking and hiking we began putting on weight.  Visit my Home page for more on Bhutan and India.

St. Vincent


April – Oct. 2006  Trinidad: Answered a mid-morning phone call and two weeks later I was living in Trinidad.  Typically I worked six or seven days a week.  However, when I took time away from building the cricket stadium I explored every inch of the island.  Those evenings I got home before the sun went down I sat on my porch with a beer in one hand and binoculars in the other with a bird book in my lap.  Visit my Home page for more on Trinidad.

Boston, MA


New York City, New York

Big Bend Park, TX

July – Dec. 2005 South America: We backpacked through Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.  During our travels we did three weeks of language school in Ecuador, birded at 14,000 feet in bone chilling cold, took every type of bus available, stayed exclusively at low to mid range hotels recommended in Lonely Planet, never had a boring day, and I would return tomorrow for more.  Visit my Home page for more on this trip.

Yellowstone National Park

Playas de Rosarito, Mexico


New Zealand

Northern CA

Costa Rica

Baja California, Mexico — whale watching

Paris, France

Costa Rica

Everglades, FL

Cape Kennedy, FL

Winter Park (Orlando), FL

Okefenokee Swamp, GA

Savannah, GA

Texas, state of

New York City, New York

Washington DC

San Francisco, CA



Cancun, Mexico


Los Angeles