Looking for a Safe Investment

Yo ho ho!

For the past three or four months I have asked a number of friends, “Do you have a safe investment that you are putting money into today?”  The constant answer is “No”.

That is until this past Sunday evening.  The phone rang, it was my brother-in-law (I love dialer ID), and I answered.  He tells me he has an investment opportunity and wants to know if Nancy and I want in on it – sunken treasure.

Now those of you who know me well or have worked with me understand when it comes to business or money I typically have my feet firmly planted on the ground, want to see the numbers, and always — I mean always — want time to review and make changes to a contract.

The two of us talk for 10 minutes, I find a second phone, and get Nancy on the line with the come on: “sunken treasure!”  After 30 minutes of talking: (1) I think I know the name of the company going after the treasure, (2) there are no numbers other than the number of dollars we have to cough up for a finder’s interest, and (3) contract – “what stinkin’ contract!”  And the final straw that would break any businessman’s back is, “I need your answer first thing tomorrow morning.”

The whole time we are talking I am thinking of my favorite childhood books such asTreasure Island, Kidnapped, and the Horatio Hornblower series.  Treasure, treasure on a wooden sailing ship, a treasure of silver (or at least that is what they are hoping to bring to the surface), a treasure beneath the waves – TREASURE!!!

Needless to say we are poorer today than this past Sunday but now I have something to dream about every night: How to spend my part of the sunken treasure.

Oh yes, in fairness to my brother-in-law: he never once said this was a safe investment.